Top HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are wonderful companions. They're a source of fun, companionship, protection, and loyal friends! But it would help if their dander and fur clog your HVAC vents, ducts, and filters. Slithery ones like snakes may have no fur, but they can climb into your AC unit and get hurt or cause damage. The furry ones may get their dander and fur into your HVAC ducts and get circulated in your indoors, and such a problem lowers the quality of your indoor air.

Poor air quality and lack of thermal comfort may lead to allergic reactions and other medical conditions that often affect the respiratory system. As such, you should ensure that your pets don't become the source of poor air quality and thermal comfort. How can you accomplish the fit?

Here are insightful tips on how to maintain your HVAC system if you're a pet owner.

1. Change Air Filters and Clean Your HVAC Ducts and Vents

The air quality and thermal comfort in your home decline when the HVAC system filters get clogged and the ductwork and vents get dirty. Pets bring dust indoors when they go out to play. They also leave dander and fur on your carpet, floor, and furniture. All the fine dirt and debris may get into your HVAC system. The dirt reduces the airflow in your home and the efficiency of the HVAC system. As such, your system has to use more energy because it has to work harder to provide optimal indoor thermal comfort. It's thus imperative to change your air filters regularly and clean the ducts and vents in your HVAC system to improve its efficiency.

2. Groom Your Pets

Groomed pets will leave less dander and fur on your indoor surfaces. It's thus prudent to take your pet out and give it thorough grooming before bringing it indoors.

3. Sweep, Dust, and Vacuum Indoor Surfaces

Cleaning your indoor surfaces eliminates the amount of pet fur and dander in your home. If you own a carpet, you should take to a professional cleaner to get some proper cleaning and disinfection to eliminate allergens.

4. Fence Off the HVAC Unit

If unsupervised, your household companion can tamper with your HVAC system by clawing or chewing at cables or urinating on the system's components. If the outdoor parts of your HVAC system are low and reachable by pets, it's advisable to build a breathable enclosure that will safeguard the parts of the system.

5. Get an Air Purifier

Suppose the HVAC system is circulating fine particulate matter such as dust, dander, and fur. In that case, it's prudent to buy an indoor air purifier that will draw indoor air and remove odor and particulate matter from it.

6. Ensure the Pet Door Isn't Open

Your cat or dog's outlet and inlet should have a self-closing mechanism not to affect the thermal comfort of your home. Ensure it's always in good working condition.

The HVAC system may fail to work efficiently because of multiple factors. It's thus advisable to always schedule some regular maintenance to ensure it's at its optimal performance level. If you need HVAC system care services, you can contact Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions in Charleston, WV, to get the best HVAC care services today!