AC Problems Caused by a Lack of Maintenance

The comfort of a refreshing flow of clean, chilled indoor air makes air conditioning important during hot West Virginia summers. Residents of Charleston appreciate this service. Unfortunately, the lack of regular maintenance can contribute to a number of preventable AC problems. Remain alert for these issues during the next few months:

A Dirty AC Filter

Do you change your air conditioner's filter on a regular basis? Allowing the filter to grow excessively dirty impedes optimal AC performance. As air passes through the filter, it deposits windblown dust and debris. Over time, this residue gradually accumulates. Unless property owners change the AC filter at regular intervals, home cooling systems may work harder than necessary. This problem eventually causes some components to wear out prematurely. It may detract from the expected lifespan of your system.

Sluggish AC Performance

Sluggish performance is a common AC maintenance complaint. When customers request seasonal maintenance, a trained technician inspects the AC and performs essential cleaning. This process ensures trapped dirt and debris won't slow down this vital home system. Dirty air conditioning units typically labor much harder than necessary to reach optimal temperature levels. If you notice the AC running constantly during the warmest months of the year, your system may require routine maintenance cleaning.

Poorly Circulating Central Air

Another problem that sometimes arises in poorly maintained central heating and cooling systems relates to the circulation of the air through the residence. This issue also often stems from dirty components. When a fan collects an extensive amount of dirt and debris, it may perform inadequately. However, other preventable malfunctions sometimes contribute to this problem, too. For instance, in some cases, obstructions block the vents and ducts supplying a flow of chilled air through the premises. This issue may grow more severe over the course of time. Routine maintenance services help property owners identify this type of avoidable problem.

A Foul-Smelling AC

Does your residential central heating and cooling system recirculate stale, lingering odors? You may need to obtain specialized cleaning services to remove embedded dirt and grime from deep within the interiors of ducts. Over time, recirculating air sometimes deposits dust and debris in these hard-to-clean locations. A greasy AC duct serves as a potent source of odors. It may cause recirculating air to retain stale aromas from cigarettes, food preparation, or even wildlife accessing the ductwork. Requesting regular AC maintenance services assists homeowners in identifying this type of problem.

Thermostat Control Issues

Another maintenance problem relates to malfunctioning temperature control systems. Over time, the delicate components responsible for maintaining a predetermined temperature may malfunction. This problem occurs infrequently. Yet when it does happen, it can cause a home cooling system to perform very poorly. Asking an experienced HVAC technician to check over your residential AC system helps ensure you correct this type of problem rapidly.

A Great Solution

If you notice any of these problems, we offer fast, affordable assistance: contact Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions. Request convenient service for your home's air conditioning system in the Greater Charleston Area. We troubleshoot and repair both standalone window box air conditioners and centralized heating and cooling systems.

Our company offers the services of fully licensed, highly skilled HVAC technicians. Ask us to check over your residential AC. We'll ensure it functions correctly! Maintaining a refreshing flow of cool, invigorating air assists residents across this area during hot summer months. Our company supplies experienced HVAC services at competitive prices.

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