How Can a Home Energy Audit Help Me?

Have you ever heard of a home energy audit? If not, you probably don’t have a full understanding of just how much energy your home uses at a given time.

While not many homeowners think about this, it’s important to recognize how beneficial a home energy audit is. There are numerous ways in which this service can benefit you and your home, and we’ll explain just a few of them.

Understanding How Much Energy You Use

If you ever look at your energy bill and wonder why it is so much, it’s most likely because there are parts of your home using more energy than they should and you aren’t aware of the problem. It also means your losing money on energy you’re not even aware of using.

With a home energy audit, you can have a full understanding of how much money goes into what when it comes to your energy usage. Your audit will explain the amount of energy spent on cooling and heating, as well as other appliances that may be draining your wallet.

Improving Your Home to Become More Energy Efficient

With a home energy audit, it’s not just us coming out and telling you how much energy you’re spending and where you are going wrong. It’s also about coming up with solutions to the problems you’re facing.

We’ll explain the various areas where you may be able to use less energy, how certain home improvements can drastically increase your savings, and if you have appliances that can be replaced with energy-efficient models.

All these combined mean you save money over the long-run without sacrificing your comfort.

Before you sign up for an energy audit, take a few steps that can help us evaluate your home to the best of our ability:

  • Notate any heating or cooling issues you have encountered

  • Gather your energy bills to show your overall energy usage

  • List rooms where there may be more condensation or are drafty

When you have our comfort and home energy experts in your home, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll provide you with the right solution for the problem you’re encountering. That’s the Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions way.

To discuss your home energy audit service, call us today at (304) 212-2004.