Preparing Your House for the New Year

After the holiday season ends, you should think about caring for your home. Here are some tips that will keep your home in tiptop shape for the rest of the year.

Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Home for the New Year

Tip 1: Organize Your Home by Eliminating Clutter

When the guests stop visiting your home for the holidays, you may notice that there is a lot of clutter. Before you store your Christmas decorations, inspect the items to determine if you want to throw some of the things away. If you have broken ornaments or malfunctioning lights, then don't pack these items in containers. While packing your holiday decor, do it properly so that the items require less space and are easier to use next year. This is also a great time to eliminate the clutter in other areas of your home, including your children's toy boxes. You can store some of the things in a garage to have a garage sale in the spring, or you can give the items away to a charitable organization.

Tip 2: Clean Your Home Thoroughly

When you are stuck inside your home during a blizzard, it is a great time for cleaning your home thoroughly. To prevent pest infestations, sanitizing your home's kitchen is imperative. You can remove everything from the refrigerator to scrub its interior with a soft cloth, and you can also clean your oven. In addition, remove canned goods from the cabinets to clean the shelves, and also, check the expiration dates on the items. Remove dishes, glassware, and utensils from the cabinets so that you can wash away any crumbs that can attract rodents or insects. Use a household cleanser to wash the countertops and sinks.

Tip 3: Wash Draperies and Rugs

You should wash your home's draperies and rugs a few times a year, and if you do this over the winter, then when it is spring, you can go outside to enjoy the warm weather. You may need a ladder to take down heavy draperies or curtains to wash the items. Before hanging the clean window coverings, you should wash the windowpanes and frames to eliminate dust. Check the area around the frames and windowsills to determine if you need to add liquid caulking to seal out any drafts. If you have any broken windowpanes, then you should contact a professional technician to replace the glass.

Tip 4: Maintain Your Home’s Climate-control Equipment

It is essential to care for your home’s climate-control equipment to prevent mechanical malfunctions along with avoiding a large heating or cooling bill. Changing the air filter at least once a month in a furnace or air conditioner can ensure that your home is warm or cool. With a new air filter, you will also notice less dust in your home. Walk through your home to verify that the vents are open completely, and you can also remove the vent cover to vacuum the ductwork. Contact Dodrill Comfort & Heating Solutions in Charleston, W.Va., at 304-212-2004 for cooling and heating repairs.