Top 5 Holiday HVAC Tips

During the holiday season, it can be tough to remember your maintenance tasks, things like making sure your heating system is working properly. If time has gotten away from you, here are the top five holiday HVAC tips that will keep the interior of your home comfortable and your system operating efficiently.

Tips for Keeping Your HVAC System Operating Efficiently

Change the Filter

To keep your HVAC unit operating efficiently, change the air filter. Be sure to change it regularly to avoid indoor air quality issues and to prevent your system from breaking down. When your HVAC system runs with a dirty filter, it will be working harder than it’s accustomed to. This can result in failure.

Adjust the Temperature Setting

The holidays are a time when you may be cooking more than usual as well as hosting more people in your home than usual. This means that you can turn your heat down. If you’re traveling during the holidays, keep the heat on to prevent your home’s plumbing pipes from breaking, but you can decrease the temperature to keep your energy bills low.

Store Flammable Objects Safely

This time of year can get hectic with excited kids running around and extra cooking. Be sure to store things like wrapping paper and blankets away from your home’s heating systems. If you use a small space heater in your home office, keep flammable objects away from it as well. Caution goes a long way toward fire prevention. If you’re traveling for the holidays, complete a quick system and heating device check before you leave.

Add Circulation

Simple things like ceiling fans and opening the window shades at the right time of the day will work to keep your home warm. On ceiling fans, there is a switch located on the base that you can flip so that the fan blades will rotate opposite of the factory setting. Changing the rotation helps to circulate the warm air that can become trapped near the ceiling. When you open your window shades at the right time of the day, sunlight will warm your home. Both of these steps will help your HVAC system so that it doesn’t have to run as often to warm your home.

Have Your HVAC Unit Inspected

Regular maintenance visits from a professional HVAC company will keep your system up and running. During a maintenance visit, a professional will make sure that the system’s moving parts are running unencumbered. He or she will also change the filter if needed and inspect the outside part of the unit for debris. A maintenance visit includes checking for blockages and leaks. When you have someone inspecting your system, a professional HVAC technician can catch small problems before they become big ones.

Extending the Life of Your HVAC System

Holiday HVAC tips may extend the life of your HVAC unit. Along with completing tasks that make your system operate more efficiently and effectively, you can do a few things to give your unit a rest. A well-functioning HVAC system will do a better job of keeping the temperatures inside your home comfortable.