Tips On Preparing Your HVAC For The Fall Season

Tips On Preparing Your HVAC For The Fall Season

Fall HVAC & Home Maintenance Tips

The official first day of Fall is September 22. But, because preparing for cold weather can take time and a lot of effort, we wanted to share a list to help get started this season:

  • Check smoke detectors, fire extinguishers & first aid kits - it's important to be prepared for emergencies, so while you are in the process of performing fall home maintenance, you should make sure your smoke detectors have batteries and are functioning properly. It's also a good idea to purchase a fire extinguisher and first aid kit if you don't already own them, or to make sure they are working properly or well-stocked if you do.
  • Clean your chimney & fireplace - built up soot can pose a fire hazard, so it's a good idea to schedule an annual flue cleaning to make sure your chimney and fireplace are in proper working order before igniting a fire. The best time of year to do this is during the fall - right before it gets cold enough to start using your fireplace regularly.
  • Check windows - if your windows are not properly insulated, a good amount of heat can begin to escape from them, reducing the efficiency of your heating system. A good way to check if your windows are drafty is to hold a lit candle near your window. If the flame blows normally, then you do not have an issue. If the flame bends or curves at all, you have a window draft. Be sure to check all the different areas of your window, especially where the window meets your walls. The more the flame moves, the bigger the draft.
  • Wrap indoor pipes - make sure to prepare for freezing weather by insulating your pipes to prevent damage from freezing.
  • Inspect your roof - we recommend having a roof inspection performed every fall to make sure your roof is free of leaks and that it is in good condition to be able to withstand the weight of snow.
  • Inspect your heating system - many homeowners skip their annual furnace maintenance service. Regularly schedule heating system maintenance can help your system last up to five years longer as well as saving you money on your utility bills. You wouldn't neglect to change the oil in your car - don't skip your heating maintenance service!
  • Stock up on supplies - prepare for road closures or grocery store outages by stocking up on dry goods and water.
  • Finish seasonal yard maintenance - before winter sets in make sure you finish whatever yard maintenance you have been working on for the season.

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