Preparing Your Home for Fall

It’s finally fall! Pumpkin spice lattes, hayrides, falling leaves, and warm boots are right around the corner. While you’re getting comfy and ready for the season, why not take some time to prepare your home to be your comfy haven this fall?

Bring Out the Warm Decor

There’s nothing cozier than bringing out the fuzzy blankets, putting out the flannel sheets, and decorating your home for Halloween. This time of year is good to start a reverse-spring cleaning: fall cleaning! While you’re swapping out the fun decor in your home, remember it’s a good time to stop and clean, check-in on your appliances, and prepare for the rest of the year.

Bi-Annual Maintenace

Now is the perfect time to schedule your second annual appliance maintenance. You’ll be able to prepare your HVAC system for switching from blasting the A/C this summer, and transition over to warming your home. Making sure everything is in tip-top shape and working properly now, can save you from freezing in the cold if your system were to break down later in the dead of winter.

Fall Cleaning

Why not make fall cleaning an event in your home? Spring cleaning is a well-known term, but we should be deep cleaning our homes more than once a year! Include appliance cleaning in your checklists. Replace your air filters, dust your vents, wipe down your HVAC unit, check your window seals, and trim back any brush or weeds from growing too close to your HVAC system. Ensuring the air is circulating properly in your home means your HVAC system needs to work less and keep it running as efficiently as possible.

If you’re due for an HVAC check-up, contact our technicians today. We'll check over your AC and perform any necessary maintenance and cleaning. Call us at (304) 212-2004. We look forward to helping you keep your HVAC system in great condition this year!