Should I Prepare My HVAC Unit for Winter?

Do you have questions about preparing your HVAC system for winter? We can help! Here’s our list of the most common winterization questions:

Why are some rooms in my home colder than others?

If you’re experiencing extreme cold in some rooms of your home, it may be a sign that your heating system may not be working correctly. Some rooms may feel colder than others because your air filters may be dirty or clogged. A dirty air filter can block the proper airflow and affect your temperature.

Additionally, your blower motor may have stopped working or is working slowly. If that’s the case, you may feel significant temperature changes in your home. Lastly, check your windows and doors for air leaks. If you’re losing warm air and gaining cooler air from a window seal leak, you can improve your indoor temperature with some new sealants.

How do I winterize my home in Charleston, WV?

As the temperatures begin to plunge, you should start considering winterizing your home. You can insulate your pipes to avoid any pipe bursts or leaks or use heat tape to protect them. Don’t forget about your outdoor faucets, too. Secondly, check all your windows and doors for any obvious air gaps. Ensuring all air gaps are sealed can help your HVAC system work efficiently. Lastly, you may want to consider having a backup heating source if your power goes out this season.

What if my pilot light won’t start?

If you have a heating system that runs on gas, you’ll have a pilot light that must ignite to start your system. Sometimes, your pilot light can become dirty and broken, and it just won’t light. If that happens, you can rely on us to help fix this for you. We’re available 24/7, so no matter the time of day, we’ll be there to get you comfortable again.

If you’re due for an HVAC check-up or have any questions about preparing your system for winter, contact our technicians today. You can contact us at (304) 212-2004.