What Happens When You Skip Out On Regular HVAC Inspections?

An HVAC inspection will ensure your home’s system is running to the best of its ability. If a professional finds out there is something wrong, they can offer solutions. It will help save you time, money, energy consumption, and more.

But, you may be thinking - is an inspection even necessary? Well, here are the things that might make you reconsider:

Higher Energy Bills

If your machine is running, but it is not running properly, it is using more energy to get its job done. All of this extra energy can really start to drive up your monthly bills. By having regular inspections conducted, you will be able to address problems as they arise and be comforted in the fact your machine is maximizing efficiency.

Inconsistent Heating

Imagine this: a sunny summer day in one room, and Antarctica in the other. This could possibly happen in your home if your HVAC system isn’t working correctly. Uneven temperatures are just one symptom of a failing HVAC system. A professional will be able to diagnose this problem and lead you to solutions for fixing it and maintaining your system in the long run.

Poor Air Quality

It is of the utmost importance that the air in your home is clean and safe to consume. You can do small things on your own, like opening windows to let fresh air in or cleaning off your rugs and furniture. But, these small things alone are not enough to keep your air quality consistent and clean. This problem is hard to fix for an average homeowner because you cannot always see the particles floating around, diminishing your air quality. Getting someone in your home who knows the signs of poor air quality is a necessity to ensure you and your family are breathing healthy air in your home.

Loss of Heat

Being too cold in the winter months and too hot in the summer can be a miserable experience. It can be made even worse when it catches you by surprise. A reminder that just because your system is running does not mean it is running properly. It could be on its last legs, and you would never know if you skipped your inspection. A professional will be able to tell you when it’s time to replace or repair your machine - so you will never be out in the cold (or stuck in the heat) unexpectedly.

Toxins in Your Home

Carbon monoxide, mold, mildew - oh my! Your home can be exposed to these toxins if you don’t have your system evaluated. They can be tricky to spot with an untrained eye. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible. Mold and mildew can hide in the cracks and crevices you forget to check. They all thrive on being passed around your house via air ducts. A professional will know the signs and how to act fast if any of these are spotted.

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