Why Should I Purchase A Maintenance Membership?

As homeowners, we’re always seeking ways to make our homes more comfortable without necessarily paying for high energy costs. Our air conditioner is one the most critical components in our homes that can result in your bill soaring if it is not checked and properly maintained. High energy bills are generally paid during summer months when the days are longer and the weather is warmer, but also in the winter when we switch over to our heating systems. During such months, the air conditioner runs all day to counter the heat and chills. With this in mind, air conditioner and HVAC maintenance is a very important requirement that should be followed so as to reduce the number of expenses you incur to fix or power your unit.

Diligently maintaining your HVAC unit is vital to ensuring smooth operation, energy saving, and reducing the chances of premature failure that could be very expensive to repair. Consider enrolling into our Comfort Club Membership to prevent big losses. Below are some of the benefits associated with having a Maintenance Membership plan with Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions.

Benefits of the Comfort Club

For 45 cents every day, or just $13.39 every month, you will be entitled to priority services, a 20% discount on diagnostics, repairs, and services, and two rejuvenation maintenance visits per year.

We strive to ensure that maintaining your air conditioner is effective and simple. Enrolling into our membership club offers even more benefits than the aforementioned ones. Below are some of the advantages.

  • Member guaranteed discounts
  • Great value for your money
  • Safer homes
  • Front of the line pass
  • Home service updates
  • Investment protection
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Energy savings
  • Comfort

Your family will enjoy the peace of mind that is associated with having a reliable air conditioner and HVAC unit. Planned maintenance should not be postponed, especially during the summer and spring seasons.

Short-term Savings

Every time your air conditioner or HVAC goes without receiving adequate maintenance results in a five percent loss in efficiency. This might seem like a little, but over some years your system’s performance will considerably diminish. Once you maintain your system as recommended, you stand to save about 25% of the total energy used as that unit will be running efficiently.

Long-term Savings

Maintaining your air conditioner and HVAC will guarantee the equipment’s efficiency in the long term. Maintenance reduces any chances of the system breaking down hence eradicating the need to replace worn out parts. Maintenance also ensures that the equipment is free of dirt and accumulated debris that can impede the efficient flow of air through the unit. Debris and dirt in the air vents often cause your unit to use more energy. Diligently adhering to the maintenance schedule will ensure that your system works well for a longer time.

The most efficient way of preventing loss of comfort in our homes and saving money is to ensure that your system is maintained at least twice every year. The comfort club membership plan provides the most affordable and efficient option to avoid incurring expensive replacement, repair, loss of comfort, loss of safety, and reduced equipment convenience.

Go ahead and join our Comfort Maintenance Club Agreement to ensure that your family is safe and comfortable for less!

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