Signs That You Need To Replace Your Furnace

On chilly winter days in West Virginia, you understandably rely on your home’s furnace for essential warmth. When the weather is frigid, your furnace does more than simply maintain your indoor home environment at a comfortable temperature. It can be instrumental in maintaining your family’s well-being and in preventing freeze-related property damage.

Many homeowners will nurse their aging furnace along until it simply cannot be used any longer. However, this inevitably results in numerous expensive repair bills and plenty of downtime because of breakdowns. The best time to replace an older furnace is before it reaches this point. How can you decide if the time has come to replace your home’s old furnace?

Your Furnace is More Than 15 Years Old

As a general rule of thumb, furnaces can last between 15 to 20 years when they are properly maintained. Because of how heavily the equipment is used in West Virginia throughout the fall and winter months, furnaces in the local area may begin wearing out on the shorter end of this spectrum. While you should not rely on age alone to determine if the time has arrived to replace your furnace, you likely will notice other signs of furnace issues as the equipment reaches this age.

Your Furnace Makes Unusual Noises and Smells

Everything from screeching and rattling to humming, popping and other sounds may indicate that the equipment requires immediate attention from a repair technician. You may also notice burning or gas smells. When your system is older, its components will increasingly wear out. This means that repair issues will develop more frequently. Repair expenses will mount, and your system will not operate as efficiently as it once did. You could continue pouring money into your existing furnace when you notice unusual noises and smells, or you could take the opportunity to make an upgrade.

Your Furnace Does Not Maintain a Consistent Temperature Throughout the Home

When you walk from upstairs to downstairs, do you notice a major drop in air temperature? Is the indoor temperature uneven from one room to the next? Do you notice extensive differences in temperature depending on if the system is currently running or not? These are all signs that your furnace is not functioning as efficiently as it once did and that repairs or a replacement may be needed. Keep in mind that these issues do more than cause discomfort. They can lead to excessive usage and related wear.

Your Heating Bills Are Higher

When various components in your furnace age, the furnace is not able to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home as well as it once did. You may notice that your furnace turns on more frequently than before or that it runs for longer intervals. When this happens, additional strain is placed on the aging parts, and repair needs can mount. In addition, your energy bills can skyrocket because the furnace is working extra hard to keep your home warm. If your system is older and your energy bills have increased for no other apparent reason, it may be time to make a replacement.

Your Furnace Is Breaking Down Frequently or Has Visible Cracks

You may think that you are saving money by nursing your old furnace along with frequent repairs. While the cost of a furnace replacement can be significant, it is an essential expense that you will have to pay at some point. If you delay, you will also be responsible for higher usage expenses and higher repair bills. If your furnace is broken today or if it has visible cracks, it may be more cost-effective over the long run to make the replacement now.

At Dodrill Heating & Cooling, we offer services for both furnace repairs and replacements to our customers in the Charleston area. We always give our customers straight answers about the condition of their equipment. Through an inspection, we can help you to determine if the time has come to replace your old furnace. Contact our team online or by phone today to schedule a furnace installation for your home.