Get Ahead Of Winter Chills By Insulating Your Homes

Fall officially begins this weekend, which means winter will soon be upon us. While heating your home is important during the long cold months ahead, it is just as important to properly insulate your heating system to avoid uneven temperatures inside your home. With proper insulation in place, you can keep heating costs down and stay toasty throughout the winter months without worrying about heating efficiencies.

Being proactive with insulating your home is a low-cost solution that can help lower yearly energy bills long-term while keeping homes cozy and comfortable through the chilly days ahead.

Overall Home Insulation

Whether you have electric, oil, or natural gas heating in West Virginia, you must properly insulate your home to keep your heating system running efficiently. You can reduce heating costs by up to 30 percent annually when you insulate your home’s HVAC by sealing cracks and gaps in the foundation, fixing drafts around windows and doors, adding insulation to exterior walls and attic spaces.

Even though your heating system might be turned on, if you lack proper insulation anywhere around your home, there may be areas of your home that stay warmer than others. Leaving these pockets of warmth unattended will cost you more money because you are losing heat in other areas. Insulating your homes lets you avoid uncomfortable living conditions that often lead homeowners to crank the heat higher throughout the winter months. So go ahead and get prepared for winter now! With proper heating system efficiency measures in place, including insulation, you'll be ready for all of the chilly temps ahead.

When reviewing heating costs during colder months of the year, heating bills can be associated with heating degree days or even fuel utilization efficiency, which measures how well a heating system uses its energy to heat your home. Consider working on an improved insulation strategy for better savings this winter if you aren't familiar with these terms yet!

Winter can sometimes bring about some not-so-comforting issues such as high heating bills. While heating systems work diligently to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, heating systems need help from the homeowner too! Our professionals at Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions can visit your home and inspect your heating system before winter hits town.