How Do I Know When It’s Better to Repair or Replace My Heater?

Even if you do everything possible to maintain your heater, it will eventually have to be replaced. In general, most heating systems will last for 16 to 20 years. While a heat pump will last for more than 10 years, a furnace or boiler will normally last for at least 15 years.

If your heating system is still fairly new, then it will generally make more sense to repair it. Your heating system should also undergo regular maintenance, or it will end up breaking down sooner than normal. With proper care, your furnace or heat pump will last for years.

How Do I Know When My Heating System Needs to Be Replaced?

  • Your boiler or furnace is 15 years old or older. If your boiler or heater is 15 years old, it is probably time to replace it. If you get a furnace rated by Energy Star, it will be 15 percent more efficient. An efficient boiler will improve your energy efficiency by 5 percent.
  • Your heat pump is 10 years old or older. Once your heat pump is 10 years old, it is more likely to break down. Replacing your heat pump can improve your energy efficiency by 20 percent.
  • You have humidity issues. If you have leaky ductwork or mechanical issues, it can cause humidity problems. This means that there will be too much humidity in the summer and not enough humidity in the winter.
  • You have hot spots. A good heating system will heat your home evenly. If there are hot or cold spots in your rooms, it could be a sign that your heating system is no longer working properly.
  • Your system is noisier than it used to be. If your heating system makes a lot of noise, it could mean that there is a problem with the indoor coil. It could also indicate that your duct system is not large enough.
  • You are constantly repairing your heater. If you constantly have to repair your heating system, it is a sign that you should replace it. You can also tell when your heating equipment needs to be replaced by watching your electricity bill. As your system breaks down, your electricity bill will suddenly shoot up.
  • You scored less than five on the Home Energy Yardstick. The Home Energy Yardstick is a calculator from Energy Star that allows you to calculate how efficient your home is. If you get a score that is lower than five, then you are most likely paying too much for your energy bills.
  • Your home is extremely dusty. When you have leaky ducts, it pulls in dust from your crawl spaces, basements, and attic. Then, this dust settles throughout your home. Fortunately, you do not always have to replace your heating system to solve this problem. Instead, you can just seal your ducts.

Should You Repair It or Replace It?

If the repair is fairly inexpensive, then you should probably repair your heating system instead of replacing it. Likewise, repairs make more sense if the problem is minor. It also makes more sense to repair your heating system if it has more years of life left and is fairly efficient when it is working.

When you are dealing with a major, expensive repair, it may make more sense to replace the entire system. A technician can also check out your entire system before doing repairs. If the whole system is suffering from a lot of wear and tear, you should probably just replace it. Otherwise, you will just have to repair it again in a few months.

Your heating bill can help you spot potential equipment failures. When your electricity bill is higher than normal, it is a sign that there may be a problem. If your heating system can no longer heat your home efficiently, you may need to replace it.

Eventually, your heating system will break down. A furnace is a lot like a car. When a car gets older, it seems like you have to repair it every other month. Eventually, the cheapest option is to replace it.

Your heating system operates on the same principle. While it makes sense to repair it when it is young, an old system will eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately, this process does not have to be expensive.

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