Energy Saving Tips for Summer

The summer months are upon us, which means HVAC system maintenance is more important than ever. An HVAC system has many parts that could require service or replacement during the long summer days. Hiring an HVAC service company to perform an energy audit should be the first step in energy saving during this year's hot summer season.

Close Windows When Your System is Running

Leaving windows open when the HVAC is running will cause hot air to enter the home through open windows, resulting in higher utility bills. Additionally, this forces the HVAC system to work harder than necessary to cool the outdoor air before circulating it into your living spaces. This burns up more electricity or natural gas, which causes increased costs on utility bills.

Ensure Registers and Ducts Aren't Blocked

Make sure all of your HVAC ducts are not obstructed in any way. HVAC technicians can help you with this task, but you can also check for debris from registers and vents at least once per month (i.e., leaves, spider webs, other unwanted particles). Do not forget to clean the HVAC outdoor unit's coils and those inside the house. Dirty coils create resistance in airflow leading to HVAC strain and higher utility bills. Your systems will function more smoothly without unnecessary dirt or other debris. Extra dirt and blockages can cause your HVAC system components more stress and decrease your HVAC system's lifetime.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Since HVAC systems pull double duty--heating and cooling--they need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently throughout the year. Obstructions in air ducts, like lint build-up, blockages by insulation fibers, and leaky registers can reduce airflow through your HVAC system while increasing your utility bill. Improperly maintained coils can lead to high electricity costs due to HVAC system overworking, while worn HVAC belts could lead to HVAC component failure. Keeping your HVAC system throughout the summer season will ensure that it's ready for winter too.

Contact Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions

If you cannot perform HVAC maintenance on your own, contact our licensed HVAC service company for assistance. Improperly maintained HVAC systems can cost homeowners significantly more money to repair and maintain than regular preventive maintenance would have cost. For HVAC support services that extend the lifespan of your HVAC system as well as save money throughout the summer season, call us today.