Upgrade Your Comfortable Home to Make it Energy Efficient

Why should I have an energy efficient home?

As energy becomes a critical issue in today’s economy, it's becoming immensely important that people have an energy efficient home. However, it should be a major issue to anyone that is paying an electrical bill. For one, having an energy efficient home will save you tons of money! That is something everyone loves. And while you are saving yourself hundreds of dollars each year, you will also be saving the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

Top ways to make your home energy efficient

1. Wash your clothes with cool water. While this does not sound very appealing, changing the temperature helps tremendously. 90% of the energy used during the wash cycle is used to heat the water. Only 10% of the energy is being used to run the machine. Please keep in mind that changing the wash temperature is not a big deal when companies have created detergent meant for cool water to help with energy reduction.

2. Unplug your chargers! Everyone accidentally leaves things plugged into an outlet when they’re not using them, especially cell phones and Kindle chargers. Well, you know what? This uses energy. Plugged in devices that are not being used contribute to at least 10% of your electrical bill. Right now, that might not seem like much, but in the long run, $5-$10 will add up.

3. Tune your HVAC system. A good tune up will ensure that everything is running in tip-top condition. This will lower your energy bill as well and help prevent unnecessary future costly future expenses like your furnace going out. That’s $10,00 you do not want to have to spend when you could just have your HVAC system check annually. Check out our other services pages for your heating needs. We even do home energy audits!

4. Seal any drafty windows and cracks. Most people don’t consider this when it comes to energy saving. Having drafty windows increase the use of energy. This is more evident in the winter months because the cold seeps into your home and have you increasing your temperature. That increase in temperature contributes to your bill. Keep in mind that around 45% of your energy bill comes from cooling and heating your home.

5. Turn off unused lights. Turning off your light is a no brainer, but many people tend to forget to do so. When you’re in a rush, it's easy to jet off and leave the lights on. Turning them off might not make a huge difference, but it can make a small difference that does not cost you anything.

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