Installing An Energy Efficient Thermostat

Thermostats are used in many devices and systems that are prone to the extremes of temperatures. HVAC systems are primarily used to set comfortable temperatures and high-quality air in buildings, houses, or cars. As a homeowner, thermostats are instrumental in monitoring house temperatures even in your absence.

What Are The Different Types of Thermostats?

If you are on the hunt for a new thermostat, don’t just settle for any component. A programmable, energy efficient thermostat will help a great deal to keep the right temperature for you in your home while also keeping the cost of energy to a bare minimum. Programmable thermostats are energy efficient and will save a proper amount of money that would have otherwise been used up to pay for energy bills. When away from home, the programmable thermostat will switch off. You can also control and adjust the gadget remotely using a phone or a computer.

The different types of thermostats you can get for your HVAC system include:
  • Digital Thermostat - The Digital Thermostat is best suited to those with predictable daily programs. The thermostat is easily adjustable to its corresponding temperature for a long duration. It is also highly flexible and hence easy to customize to a variety of your individual needs. The user only needs to ensure that his or her program of events does not vary too much with that of the thermostat
  • Electromechanical Thermostat - This type of thermostat is operated manually. The user can determine the duration the gadget stays engaged or shut. The device has both a temperature regulator and an air conditioner. Due to it operational features, the Electromechanical Thermostat is more convenient to those people who have predictable schedules.
  • Light Sensing Thermostat - The Light Sensing Thermostat uses the intensity of the light in a room to regulate the temperature. It has robust light sensors and does not need batteries. The main pro is that it can keep constant temperatures in the event of power blackouts.
  • Occupancy Thermostat - This is the simplest of all programmable thermostats in terms operation. It is capable of maintaining a controlled temperature for quite a long duration of time by use of a single button. When the set time expires, the temperature reverts to the original. They are more suitable for rarely occupied buildings as well.
  • Hybrid Thermostat - The Hybrid Thermostat combines the technology of the Electromechanical Thermostat and the Digital Thermostat. It is a superb blend of simplicity and convenience.

How to Install a Programmable, Energy Saving Thermostat

Programmable, energy saving thermostats are easy to install. All you need is to read and comprehend the user manual and keep your program of activities in mind. Then, using the information on the manual, program the date and time, then press the right to set. To set temperature, press the same button to set the temperature. Meticulously, set the leave, return and sleep buttons. Your thermostat is ready to go. In case you need any problems with installing your energy saving thermostat you can contact Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions for quick and reliable assistance.

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