Increase Your Home Efficiency by Getting A Home Energy Audit

If you feel that your home’s energy costs are rising for no good reason, or you have noticed that they have always been more expensive than others living in the same area, you may want to have a home energy audit completed.

There are many areas in your home that may be causing problems with your energy efficiency. From windows that aren’t sealed correctly to a dirty air conditioning filter, there can be many areas in your home that are decreasing your home’s energy efficiency.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is one of the best ways to help homeowners find out where they are losing energy. A professional can perform a home energy audit, inspecting common areas where energy leaks occur and providing you with advice on how to fix these problems.

Areas that are covered in a home energy audit include;

  • A test for carbon monoxide levels, indoor air quality, and moisture levels. This is the health and safety part of the home audit.
  • The comfort level of your home, taking into consideration cold and hot spots, humidity levels, and overall indoor air quality.
  • Air leaks around windows and doors.
  • How efficiently your heating and cooling systems work.
  • How efficiently your hot water system works.

Why Choose Professional Help

A home energy audit should be completed by certified technicians. These technicians will use a range of specialty diagnostic tools to complete your home’s energy audit.

At the end of the audit, you should receive a report. This report will include any recommendations and may also include any financial incentives that are offered by local, state or nationwide initiatives. If health and safety issues are noted during the assessment you will be advised to deal with these first before working on any energy efficiency problems.

Once you have your energy audit report you can then decide as a homeowner what you would like to fix. You should consider fixing the issues that are having the biggest impact on your energy costs first.

Having a home energy audit completed by a certified auditing technician can help you identify problem areas within your home. Once you have fixed these areas you can enjoy a more comfortable living environment and savings on your energy costs.

In Need of a Home Energy Audit?

If you are in need of a home energy audit, contact the team at Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions. Our team of professionals have been helping homeowners in Kanawha, Putnam and Cabell counties & surrounding areas keep their homes comfortable since 1979. We believe in building customers for life by offering the highest levels of workmanship and customer service.