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Furnace Service

furnace service charleston wvFast, reliable furnace service tune-ups and inspections for all makes and models

Don’t wait until cold weather arrives to turn on your heating system, only to find that your furnace won’t turn on, there’s a leak, or the blower isn’t working. When you call Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions to have your furnace serviced, you can expect prompt service and a thorough inspection of your central heating system. We service all types of furnaces, including natural gas, oil, propane, and more.

Call us today to schedule a complete furnace inspection and furnace service or your furnace cleaning in West Virginia.

A furnace requires annual service and maintenance to make sure it performs as it should. Even if your furnace appears to be working properly, it’s smart to schedule a furnace service appointment. The furnace inspection and maintenance work performed by one of our experienced, full-service HVAC technicians will ensure safe, efficient operation and help prolong the life of your heating system.

What to expect from your furnace maintenance appointment:

The checklist for a typical furnace service will include the following work:

  • Visual inspection. Your technician will check not only the furnace, but also the fuel line, flue pipe, main plenum and ductwork.
  • Combustion safety. It’s important to make sure that your furnace is venting correctly, with no danger of combustion gasses getting into your living space.
  • Filter check. A dirty filter will be replaced or cleaned. The HVAC tech will also confirm proper filter size and type.
  • Furnace cleaning. Removing carbon, soot and other combustion byproducts from the burner and combustion chamber helps to promote more efficient operation.
  • Blower check. By listening to your system’s blower and performing a visual inspection, your HVAC specialist will be able to determine if there’s a bearing or balance problem.
  • System check. Part of the service includes running the furnace and blower to confirm that the thermostat is working correctly and that warm air is being delivered to your living space.
  • Occupant issues. Let your technician know if certain parts of the house are colder or draftier than others. Our experts are trained to identify other factors that affect home comfort and energy efficiency. Even if your furnace is working perfectly, your house may have insulation, air leakage or ductwork conditions that impact comfort and energy efficiency
Other factors that affect furnace performance, comfort & heating expenses
  • Air leakage. Small cracks & gaps throughout your house allow heated air to escape and cold winter air to enter. As a result, your furnace must work harder to maintain warmth. Sealing these leaks (especially between your living space and the attic) will put less pressure on your heating system.
  • Attic insulation. Most homes don’t have nearly enough attic insulation. Sealing air leaks, combined with an attic insulation upgrade, can cut heating costs by 40%.
  • Leaky ductwork. Conditioned air that escapes through duct leaks can diminish HVAC efficiency by 20%.
    Duct insulation. Ductwork that runs through a cold attic or crawl space will cool the heated air coming from your furnace. Solve the problem by having this ductwork insulated.

If your home is cold and drafty or you have high energy bills, these are all reasons to call Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions to have your home inspected. In addition to furnace repair services, we offer a variety of other home comfort solutions.