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Case Studies

dodrill case study - An air-sealed and insulated attic that meets the Department of Energy's recommendations for the geographical climate zone, and a more comfortable, even -temperature home that consumes less energy.Insulation and Air Sealing in Scott Depot, WV Attic Evens Out Temperature in Home and Reduces Energy Bills!



This family in Scott Depot, WV was experiencing temperature fluctuations in their home and high electric and fuel bills because of their the under-insulated, leaky attic. They knew they had a challenge that they needed to address quickly!


After our BPI Certified Management Consultant, John, performed a comprehensive energy audit on their home, he recommended they air seal and insulate their attic in-order to reduce energy bills and even-out temperature fluctuations in the home.

Our install crew air sealed all accessible penetrations and top plates using expanding polyurethane foam. They then blew in additional attic insulation. They used TruSoft cellulose insulation to increase the R-value from R-19 to the Department of Energy’s recommended R-value for the geographical zone – R-60.

Our install crew also added an insulated walkway for access throughout the attic. They did this by installing a layer of 4″ SilverGlo along the attic deck that they covered with a board and installed vertical insulation and retention dams to hold in blown in insulation.

To reduce air leakage around lighting, our crew installed TiteShell recessed lighting -fixture covers over the top of the can lights and sealed them with polyurethane foam around the edges and around any existing holes for electrical wires.

Finally, we installed a ‘David Lewis’ scuttle hatch cover to provide insulation over the attic opening and to air seal the opening. The cover is made with 4″ SilverGlo EPS foam board insulation.

The home improvements in the attic resulted in a more comfortable, even-temperatured home that consumes less energy and meets the Department of Energy’s recommended R-value for the geographical climate zone!

dodrill case studyCrawl Space Encapsulation in Milton, WV Reduces Mold, Moisture and Creates a Conditioned Space!



This homeowner in Milton, WV was experiencing water puddles and excessive moisture in her crawl space. Over time, excess moisture and water in a crawl space can lead to mold, dust mites, insects and other pests. Additionally, it can cause damage to your home’s wood framing and degrade some forms of insulation, fiberglass in particular. It also can cause poor air quality and allergens from mold spores and dust mite droppings, which can affect some people’s health. This homeowner acknowledged she had a real challenge, so she called us for a solution!


Our BPI Certified Energy Management Consultant recommended a CleanSpace Crawl Space encapsulation. To reduce heat loss and infiltration of cold air, our installers sealed and insulated the Rim Joist with SilverGlo EPS insulation board with reflective radiant barriers. Our installers used expanding foam to seal each rim joist bay as well.

To manage and control water and excessive moisture, we installed a water control system using dimple drainage matting in-order to create an airspace to enable water to flow to the SmartSump System located at the lowest point in the crawl space.

The final product: a conditioned, fully encapsulated CleanSpace crawl space, which results in lower humidity in the home, much warmer floors upstairs, fewer drafts, a more comfortable home and lower fuel and electric bills! Problem solved!


dodrill case studySpray Foam Insulation in Branchland, WV Evens Out Temperature Imbalance



This client was experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations during season changes in his solid metal three car garage and work shop. During our Specialist’s initial evaluation, he recorded temperatures of an unbearable 104 degrees in the center of the dwelling during a 74- degree comfortable spring day.


Our Building Analyst Specialist recommended spray foam insulation in this Branchland, WV home, which is the only insulation available that seals as well as it insulates. We installed a 1″ layer of Spray Foam Insulation with an R-value of 20 per inch. Each inch of spray foam installed increases the R-value by 20, so a 2″ layer would have an R-value of 40, a 3″ layer an R-value of 60…etc.

During our specialist’s post project evaluation, he replicated the initial evaluation using the same thermostat in the center of the metal building; he noted that the temperature was reduced by a phenomenal 25 degrees on an 80-degree day.

The client has since stated that the temperature stays comfortable and he doesn’t think he will need to install a heating and cooling system now because in the late spring, this entirely solid metal building, is maintaining a temperature that is considered comfortable in residential homes.


Closed Cell Foam Insulation in Walls of St. Albans, WV Home


dodrill case studyChallenge

This homeowner was experiencing drafts and high utility bills. We identified lots of air leaks using our thermal imaging camera and realized there was a great need for some air sealing and better insulation. Fiberglass wall insulation in this St. Albans, WV home was not going to cut it anymore.


We installed closed cell foam insulation at 6.3 R Value per inch of insulation. This solution air seals and insulates at the same time because the material expands to fill all gaps and spaces. It will not move or lose shape like Fiberglass, so the walls will remain well sealed and insulated. This polyurethane material is a very reliable wall insulation material. With just some spray foam insulation, this St. Albans, WV home will have more reasonable energy bills and less drafts.