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As the locally trusted HVAC company, Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions has more than 30 years of heating systems expertise. We provide comprehensive solutions for fixing the problems affecting your home’s HVAC system, whether it’s a broken furnace or inefficient heating system.

Contact us for all of your heating repair, replacement and installation needs in Huntington, Charleston, Saint Albans and many areas throughout West Virginia.

Why homeowners choose us:

  • “Fixed Right or It’s Free!” performance guarantee
  • 24/7 emergency heating services
  • Award-winning company rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Our Heating Services:

Furnace repair

Heating systems such as a furnace can be one of the biggest energy expenses for most homeowners, accounting for 40%-50% of total energy expenses. A new energy efficient furnace works great, but once it starts to get older, it is important to have it properly maintained. Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions will provide inspection and repair to your older furnace to ensure your home stays comfortable throughout the entire West Virginia winter season.

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Furnace replacement

For many homeowners in West Virginia, the type of furnace installed in the home is dependent on the type of fuel that is locally available. However, there is a work-around to this limitation.  When you install a new furnace, it is easier to switch over to different fuel types. For instance, you can replace an oil furnace with a natural gas or propane furnace. In addition to fuel type, features such as sealing and sizing can impact the efficiency and longevity of furnace. If you need a reliable furnace installation or replacement, call Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions today.

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Repair or replace your heating system to improve energy efficiency

During the cold winters in West Virginia, heating expenses can consume a large part of your annual energy budget, especially if your home is not conserving energy. The frigid winters can also effect the comfort and condition of your home if your heating system is not performing efficiently. Don’t spend another winter with high utility costs and a cold house. Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions will provide you with a thorough home energy audit as well as the right solutions to improve your home heating system.

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